Our service/repair and installation teams are fully experienced and trained gate installation engineers, they are fully employed by Steel Gates.

Installation Stages

There are generally two or three stages to an electric gate installation (please be prepared for a pause between stages): -

  • 1st Fix – Ground works/post fixing/cable ducting/motor boxes
  • 2nd Fix – Hanging of Gates and Operators/Safety Devices
  • 3rd Fix – Access Controls, commission and hand over

Before commencing work the installation team will carry out a Risk Assessment of the site entrance, as a result they may bring to your attention any items deemed to be hazardous, we may request your assistance to resolve any issues relating to safety. Please let us know in advance if there are specific dates or times when access is required, otherwise we advise that during the installation driveway accessibility may be limited for a period of time - up to 48 hours in cases where a sliding gate concrete foundation has been laid.

Once your electric gate system has been checked and commissioned the Installation Team should show you how to operate the system and which safety devices have been employed – it is important to try to be available when they plan to complete so that the relevant end user documentation can be handed over. If you are unavailable for Handover please contact us so that we can forward any documentation including End User Guide(s).

Site Preparation Plan

If the ground works and power supply requirements are being carried by a third party, we can supply a site preparation plan and on site liaison upon request. It is important that electric gate installations are properly laid out and have all the necessary service ducting in the correct positions.

Where possible we try to conceal cabling, however, if this is not possible, we surface mount cables within 20mm diameter black PVC conduit to keep a neat and tidy appearance.

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