Wrought Iron Gates

As per experience we have got, we believe we are now also becomes one of the world's finest producers of wrought iron gates, fences, railings and doors.We could offer or providing an excellent supply of raw materials & skilled labor with low overhead costs and very smooth export procedures.

Steel Gates New Jersey is very ideal place for making each of wrought iron gates, iron doors & wooden doors. We use a traditional methods of working wrought iron - heating the iron and then bending, shaping and twisting with tongs until the desired effect is achieved. Each iron gate has its own unique creation. We do not use the prefabricated mild steel which is widely used nowadays to build gates and fencing, most of the iron that we work with is recycled or salvaged iron from old bridges and railroads, it is a low carbon iron which is much more resistant to rusting and far more durable.

The iron work is primed with a zinc phosphate primer and spray painted with an oil based semi gloss or matt finish. We can finish to most choices of color or shade. Our wooden doors are built using “Merbau” solid hard wood, which is a very exotic tropical hardwood- stronger and more durable than both teak and “Mahogany” and also resistant to insect damage.

All of our items come with a 6 month warranty, dated from the time of delivery to the customer. This warranty covers damages caused by defects in production and covers any errors in the size specifications. Replacements items will be sent by Ubud Gates at our expense under the terms of this warranty. Steel Gates offers the highest quality of a wrought iron gates and doors direct from Steel Gates (the well know handicraft and painting place all over the world). Our iron collections are such as; gates, fences, iron and wooden doors and any other quality made features for your home or garden.

Please contact us at sales@steel-gates.com for the details.

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