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Picture hanging and art installation in Hollywood FL

Decorate your walls with precision

Turn blank walls into stunning showcases for your cherished artwork and photos with Handyman Steel-Gates’ professional picture hanging and art installation services in Hollywood, FL. We understand that placing artwork is not just about hammering nails into the wall, but about creating a visually appealing and balanced composition that will enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Picture hanging and art installation in Hollywood FL Photo

Why choose Handyman Steel-Gates for picture hanging and artwork installation?

Precise placement: We utilize a state-of-the-art 12-line laser level to ensure that your artwork will hang perfectly straight and level, every time. 

Expert handling: Our experienced craftsmen handle valuable artwork and photographs with care, ensuring that they remain intact during the installation process. 

Customized Solutions: We work with you to create a custom layout that complements your space and showcases all of your art. 

Secure Installation: We use the proper hanging equipment and techniques to ensure that your artwork is securely mounted and will not move. 

Stress-free experience: Leave all the hassle and guesswork to us. We’ll take care of everything from measuring and marking to hanging and fitting. 

Our Picture hanging and art installation in Hollywood FL

Single Picture Hanging: Whether it’s a small family photo or a large canvas print, we’ll hang it with precision and care. 

Gallery Walls: Create a stunning focal point with a perfectly arranged gallery wall. We’ll help you choose the right layout and spacing for maximum impact. 

Large-Scale Art Installation: We have the expertise and equipment to safely and securely install oversized artwork, mirrors, and other wall decor. 

Mirror Hanging: We’ll hang your mirrors at the perfect height and angle to create a sense of space and light. 

Shelving Installation: We can install floating shelves or other types of shelving to display your artwork and decorative objects. 

Handyman Steel-Gates art hanging and installation process.

1. Consultation: We’ll discuss your vision for your space and the artwork you want to display. 

2. Layout Planning: We’ll use our 12-line laser level to create a precise layout that takes into account the size and shape of your artwork, as well as well as the dimensions of your walls. 

3. Wall Preparation: We’ll ensure your walls are clean and free of any obstacles that could interfere with the installation. 

4. Installation: We’ll carefully hang your artwork using appropriate hardware and techniques, ensuring it’s level and secure. 

5. Final Touches: We’ll make any necessary adjustments and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the results. 

Benefits of professional picture hanging and art installation

Precision and Accuracy: Our 12-line laser level ensures that your artwork is hung perfectly straight and level, creating a polished and professional look. 

Safety and Security: We use the right tools and techniques to ensure your artwork is securely mounted and won’t fall or get damaged. 

Save time and effort: Hanging artwork can be time-consuming, especially if you are inexperienced. Let us do it for you so you can focus on enjoying your beautiful space. 

Enhanced Aesthetics: We can help you create a visually appealing composition that complements your home’s décor and showcases the full value of your art. 

Picture installation in Hollywood FL

Secure attachment methods for any kind of art

At Handyman Steel-Gates, we understand that each piece of art is unique and requires a special approach. We utilize a variety of fastening methods to ensure your valuable artwork is secure and safe:

Traditional nails and screws: For most framed paintings and photographs, we use the right size and type of nails or screws. We carefully select the mounting location to ensure even weight distribution and prevent damage to the wall.

D-rings and wire: For heavier paintings, we recommend using D-rings and wire. This method provides solid support and allows you to adjust the height of the painting once installed.

Gallery wall mounts: For gallery walls, we use special mounts that allow you to easily rearrange paintings and create different compositions.

Специальные крепления для тяжелых предметов: Для очень тяжелых зеркал, скульптур или других предметов искусства мы используем специальные анкеры, которые обеспечивают надежное крепление на стене.

Fixings without drilling: If you do not want to damage your walls, we can offer alternative fixing methods such as Velcro Command or special hooks that do not require drilling.

The choice of installation method depends on

Weight and size of the artwork: Heavy items require stronger fasteners.

Wall type: Different wall types (drywall, concrete, brick) require different fasteners.

Your preferences: We always take your wishes into account and offer the most suitable options.

Our 12-line laser level:

We use a state-of-the-art 12-line laser level to pinpoint the exact location of fasteners and ensure a perfectly level installation. This avoids mistakes and ensures that your art will look flawless on the wall.

We guarantee:

Professional installation: Our craftsmen have extensive experience working with different types of art and walls.

Reliable and safe: We use only quality fasteners and proven installation methods.

Neatness: We work cleanly and neatly, leaving no marks on your walls and artwork.

Trust Handyman Steel-Gates:

We can help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home by properly placing and securing your favorite works of art. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate for your project!


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